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Ember and Bean Roasting Co

Wilder Lazo Geisha

Wilder Lazo Geisha

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Wilder Lazo's Geisha Coffee – Incredible Coffee You Can't Miss!

Experience a rare and exceptional coffee with Wilder Lazo's Geisha, a premium coffee that stands out in quality and flavor. At Ember and Bean Roasting Co., we are thrilled to offer this unique coffee, sourced directly from Wilder Lazo’s family farm in Colombia.

A Story of Dedication and Excellence:

Wilder Lazo and his brother embarked on their coffee journey in 2016, revitalizing their family farm after their father fell seriously ill. Starting from the ground up, they meticulously nurtured the soil back to health, resulting in a coffee of unparalleled quality.

Meticulous Processing for Superior Flavor:

This washed Geisha coffee undergoes a meticulous process to ensure a vibrant and clean flavor profile:

  • 36-Hour Dry Fermentation: After sorting undesired cherries by sorting them in a water tank, the best coffee cherries undergo a dry fermentation for 36 hours.
  • 100-Hour Rest in Mucilage: There after the coffee rests for another 100 hours in mucilage, again dry without water.
  • 12-Day Drying on Raised Beds: Finally, after washing, the coffee is dried for 12 days on raised beds.

The result is an exquisite bouquet of flavors that reward the drinker with a crisp, clean, and flavorful coffee experience.

Tasting Notes:

Intense sweetness that reminds us of gummy worms and fruit loops, with deep florals that shine through the other complex flavors.

Don't Miss Out:

This premium coffee is in limited supply. Be sure to grab a bag before it's gone!

Product Details:

  • Producer: Wilder Lazo
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Process: Washed
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Elevation: 1520 MASL


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