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Producer Evelyn Tabora has a passion for producing great coffee and is determined to continue to improve her craft and the quality of coffee she produces. She farms on land that her father farmed before her and take great pride in her family and her heritage. Having already entered Honduras C.O.E. and done well, she is excited to continue to improve her craft and the quality of her coffee. We are excited to be able to showcase her washed Parainema. A coffee who roots start in Honduras, having been a cross developed by Instituto Hondureño del Café.


This is a beautiful coffee that is clean and crisp with a balanced sweetness. Having tasting notes of chocolate, currant, nectarine, and nougat, this a coffee that is brilliant as an all day drinker, but still has enough complexity to make you slow down and think, wow that is really good.


Producer: Evelyn Tabora

Farm: Siete de Julio

Region: Santa Rosa de Copan

Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Currant, Nectarine, Nougat

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