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La Roca - Tabi

La Roca - Tabi

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This coffee comes from the farm of Jorge Elias Rojas, who is the owner of La Roca estate located in the south of the region of Tolima in the glorious mountains of Gaitania. Jorge Elias, is one of the most passionate coffee people and growers, when he is done with his coffee processes at his farm, he is normally helping his neighboors or his local cooperative with coffee works. He started his coffee journey when his parents taught him the process of coffee and a young age. His years of experience show in this beautiful coffee.

One of our favorites to roast, this smell almost of fruit roll up when green. After being roasted this coffee is exceptional and has quickly become a favorite of both staff and locals. Whenever this is available, grab a bag - you will not be disappointed! The flavor notes below are just the beginning of what this exceptional coffee has to offer.

Flavor Notes: BlackBerry, Green Apple, Caramel

Producer: Jorge Elias Rojas

Farm: La Roca

Location: Tolima

Variety: Tabi

Altitude: 1650 Masl

Process: Natural

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