Welcome to Ember and Bean Roasting Co

Welcome to Ember and Bean Roasting Co

We want to take a moment to say Thank You for supporting us as we have launched our dream. We couldn't be more thankful for all the friends we have made and the continued opportunity we have to serve great coffee in our local community.

We are excited to start a blog that will talk about all things coffee. From brewing tips and new coffees to seasonal drinks and specials, we want to add value to your coffee experience and routine - whether it's a morning with us or at home. But first, a little intro about us.

#1 Coffee with Values

Origin stories matter and we think ours is pretty cool. More than that, it serves as the cornerstone of our business and a reference for all we do.

In 2017 we traveled to Peru and backpacked through the mountains visiting various communities. So many were inviting and hospitable, but one family in particular set us down the path that would grow into Ember and Bean Roasting Co.

A coffee farmer let us set up camp in his front yard. Once he learned we had a passion for coffee, he invited us to see his farm. Looking back, his farm was very small, but you could see the pride he took in showing it to us. Each variety he had was special. He was excited to show us how the wet mill he built would wash the coffee, and he was most excited to be the person who first roasted coffee with us - over an open fire.

To be honest, we don't really remember the taste of the coffee, it was a dark roast and their secret ingredient was adding sugar, creating a caramelized layer coating the coffee. What was memorable - the people, coffee bridging a language barrier, the laughter, the kindness, being welcomed in, and invited to experience something they were passionate about.

For us Coffee is all about people.

We were hooked! Yes we wanted to roast more coffee, but more than that, we wanted to purchase coffee directly from those who take pride in their product, care for their land, care about their community, and love sharing their passion with others. It has taken years and has been a journey to get here - sourcing coffee directly from farmers whose values align with ours - but we are so happy to be able to share a part of that experience with our local community.

We are excited as we look toward the future. Excited to support farmers who do much for their local community, excited to share their coffee with our customers, excited to work with other businesses who share these values, excited to support our local community, and excited to have the opportunity to share our passion with others.

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